About us

Interlink UK have a range of programs, trips & opportunities that help enhance educational partnerships between the UK and China, helping us maximize potential opportunities in both the UK & China.

Working exclusively with elite universities, high net worth potential investors, and advanced professionals, Interlink UK provides the bridge between East and West.

Some of our most popular products are:

Undergraduate level summer schools

Our OSP program brings Chinese students to elite UK universities to take part in subject specific studies and cultural exchanges

Recruitment for Chinese Universities

Our recruitment program helps outstanding candidates find Phd and professor level positions in our elite UK and Chinese partner universities

Professional Training for Clients

Our bespoke training programs for professionals allow Chinese professionals to benefit from UK based training, and UK clients to train in China

Investment Trips to the UK for HNW Clients

Our HNW program of trips brings high net worth Chinese investors to the UK for trips exploring potential investment opportunities

At Interlink UK we are committed to educational cultural exchange between the UK and China.

We believe that the 'Golden Relationship' has lots that can be beneficial to both cultures. We bring Chinese students & professionals to the UK for specialized training to enhance their employability and educational prospects in the future. 

We also work on partnerships between UK and Chinese universities, helping both to learn from each other, maximizing the future potential of both.

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