Investment Trips

This presents an exciting opportunity, both for entrepreneurs in the UK, and for our Chinese clients to begin mutually beneficial relationships.

Our mission statement is to provide high value clients with an overview of the investment climate of the UK, presenting them with investment opportunities, and giving them background knowledge of the UK business environment.

If you are an entrepreneur who wishes to be considered to take part in one of our Investment trips to pitch to our Chinese investor clients, please contact us at


Opportunities for investment

We introduce clients to famous potential collaborators, and to cutting edge leaders in new industries. Our High net value Chinese clients are given the chance to really find the best investment opportunities in the UK


Lectures from business experts

Lecturers are customized to fit the interests of clients, but commonly chosen topics include disruptive innovation in the UK, and how to link 'The New Silk Road' to future profit in green industries.

VIP Tour

Tour of key English cities

Uniquely designed to reflect the interests of clients our VIP tours are designed to help clients understand the reality of investing in the UK, and to better understand the cultural climate of investments.

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