ITP Programs in China

Our ITP programs in China offer Intensive English Training during summer and winter vacation for university level students.

This encompasses both academic English training, research, test preparation, and career counseling

Based in students' undergraduate universities the ITP program helps these students start planning their future early

Academic Training

all the skills needed to study academically

We offer classes in basic academic English, research skills, academic modes of practice, writing of both research papers and essays, as well as academic debate. These classes equip Chinese undergraduate students with all the skills needed to study in Western Universities for Masters of PhD studies.

Test Preparation

Setting students up to get the test scores needed

Our team of elite teachers help students gain the skills needed to do well in English language tests (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT) and subject specific entry requirements for further study in the UK, or other Western environments after completing their undergraduate studies. 

Career Counseling

Helping students plan for the future

The final element of our ITP program is helping students to think long term about both their academic future, and their career prospects. Through consultation with our team of career planing experts students can make sure that they stay one step ahead of their peers.

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