OSP Programs

Our OSP programs bring Chinese undergraduate students to elite UK universities to study subject specific programs. The idea of these programs is to give Chinese students a taste of academic study in an English university setting. They allow students to grow academically, while gaining cultural knowledge, etiquette and having the opportunity to explore the UK

In 2019 we will have OSP programs based in:

  • Oxford

  • Cambridge

  • London

  • Wales

Interlink's concept of "GLEE"

Graduate training

Learning life skills

Educational enhancement

Exploring new opportunities

Helping students advance their academic careers

Graduate Training

Our OSP programs help students improve their independence & adaptability

Learning Life Skills

Giving students improved skills in presentation, research, English & subject knowledge

Educational Enhancement

Giving students advice to study further in the UK, as well as the chance to win merit based scholarships for elite UK university study

Exploring New Opportunities


OSP (academic) programs are based at Oxford, as well as London and Wales. Students gain the chance to take part in lectures by world renowned professors from Oxford about their latest research and discoveries in the genre of natural sciences.


OSP (innovation) programs are based at University of Cambridge. Students learn about cutting edge innovation, before taking part in our 'Dragons Den' style investment competition.


OSP (business) program takes place in the heart of London, Oxford and Wales. Students are lectured about the latest financial and accounting practices by world leading lecturers, and business people.

If your institution is interested in joining our OSP program please contact us at admin@interlink.group

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