Professional training

For early to mid career professionals we offer a bespoke range of professional training opportunities in the UK. These allow Chinese professionals to gain key skills that can enhance their job prospects back in China.

In September 2019, we completed our ACCA training trip, visiting Swansea, Oxford, Cambridge, and ACCA headquarters in London

Example Trip:  ACCA Training with Guangzhou Association

This trip was a specialist trip with ACCA training for accountants, participants were able to receive lectures from Professor John Hoffmire of Oxford University's Business School, as well as Alan Price of Swansea University.

Guests first visited Swansea, studying in the school of management, at Swansea University. They took classes in:

  • History of accounting

  • UK accounting standards

  • Accounting standards in government

  • UK pension scheme

After this educational section they visited Cardiff and some key sites before arriving in Oxford.

In Oxford they had lectures on:

  • Globalization and accounting practices

  • Conflicts between innovation and accounting

  • The economic engine

This trip also included trips to key business sites:

  • Mini UK

  • University of Cambridge

  • Bank of England

  • HQ of ACCA in London

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